Hadoop Tuesdays: Get a Handle on Unstructured Data with a 7-part Webinar Series Led By Cloudera and Informatica

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Unstructured data is the fastest growing type of data generated today. The growth rate of text, documents, images, and clickstream data is incredible. Expand the scope of view to include machine generated data such as telemetry, location, network and weather sources and that growth rate is unnerving. An inspiring population of customers have come to recognize that the Apache Hadoop data management platform is, in many ways, uniquely equipped to handle the volume, variety and velocity of unstructured data being generated within their businesses.

But where does someone new to the conversation get started? How do you know if you are ready to explore Apache Hadoop? What are the products and techniques available to make Apache Hadoop more familiar and accessible? Do you have a roadmap? Do you want to?

Cloudera and Informatica have real-world experience in deploying Hadoop to solve the challenges associated with storage and processing of unstructured data. We’ve gathering the top “big data” and Apache Hadoop experts to jointly produce a 7-part webinar series called “Hadoop Tuesdays” — the goal is to provide expert advice and insight to those who are interested in forming a solid roadmap to Hadoop deployment, regardless of their experience with Hadoop.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Hadoop is, the popular use cases driving Hadoop adoption and the benefits your business can expect with a Hadoop deployment, these webinars will serve as a great introduction.  And if you have goals for storing, processing and extracting value from unstructured data or you wish to form a roadmap for adding Hadoop to your environment, you’ll learn how to evaluate Hadoop and fit it into your information architecture.

No matter your familiarity with Hadoop or where you are in the deployment process, I encourage you to check out the webinars — the full schedule is below.  In addition, we’ll have a live Q&A with Hadoop experts including customers, analysts and systems integrators, supported by leaders from Informatica and Cloudera.

Hadoop Tuesdays 7-Part Webinar Series (all webinars start at 1 pm ET; 10 am PT)

  1. September 27: Rethinking Your Data Strategy in the Era of Big Data and Hadoop | with James Kobielus, Forrester Research
  2. October 11: Where Does Hadoop Fit in Your Vision of  “Data as a Platform” Architecture | with John Akred, Accenture
  3. October 18: The Hadoop Ecosystem | with Matt Aslett, The 451 Group
  4. October 25: Hadoop User Case Studies | with David Menninger, Ventana Research and joint Informatica and Cloudera customers
  5. November 15: Operationalizing Hadoop: The Journey to Production | with Omer Trajman, Cloudera
  6. November 29: Agile Data Integration and Hadoop | with David Linthicum, Blue Mountain Labs
  7. December 13: Getting Started with Hadoop | with Charles Zedlewski, Cloudera and Wei Zheng, Informatica


One more thing: We’ll be kicking the Series off with an informal “TweetJam” on Twitter on September 22nd, beginning at Noon Eastern/9am Pacific — ask questions and join in by using the hashtags #Hadoop or #infatj.