Hadoop World 2011: A Glimpse of the Applications Track

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The Hadoop World train is approaching the station! Remember to mark November 8th and 9th in your calendars for Hadoop World 2011 in New York City. The Hadoop World agenda is beginning to take shape. View all scheduled sessions at hadoopworld.com/sessions, and check back regularly for updates.

Hadoop World 2011 will feature five tracks to run in parallel across two days. The tracks and their intended audiences are

Track 1: Business Solutions (Business Strategists and Decisions Makers)

Track 2: Enterprise Architecture (Enterprise Architects)

Track 3: Operations (IT/Operations Managers and Practitioners)

Track 4: Applications (Data Scientists)

Track 5: Development (Developers)

In this blog post we provide a glimpse into several of the Applications track breakout sessions. Keep an eye out for future blog posts highlighting Hadoop World 2011 breakout tracks and their corresponding sessions.

Preview of Applications Track Sessions

Building a Model of Organic Link Traffic
Michael Dewar, Data Scientist, bitly

Gain insight to how bitly uses Python/Numpy, streaming Hadoop and machine learning to create a model of organic traffic patterns based on bitly’s click logs.

LinkedIn: Products You May Like
Abhishek Gupta, Software Engineer, Recommendation Engine, LinkedIn

Learn the platform behind LinkedIn’s recommendation engines powered by Hadoop to help users find jobs, meet like-minded professionals, discover relevant professional groups or news articles and help organizations find similar profiles and utilize enhanced ad targeting.

Leveraging Big Data in the Fight Against Spam and Other Security Threats
Wade Chambers, Executive Vice President, Development/Operations, Proofpoint

This presentation will explain radical new “spam anomalytics” techniques whereby billions of messages and message-related events are analyzed daily to find statistical norms (and consequently, the deviation from the norm) to detect and defend against new email threats as they merge. The war on spam.

Data Mining in Hadoop, Making Sense Of It In Mahout!
Michael Cutler, British Sky Broadcasting

Michael will present a selection of methodologies, primarily using Mahout, that enable you to derive real insight into your data (mined in Hadoop) and build a recommendation engine focused on the implicit data collected from users.

The Powerful Marriage of R and Hadoop
David Champagne, CTO, Revolution Analytics

Get an overview of R (a popular open source programming language), the ways in which R has been integrated with Hadoop, real-world use cases and a look at how enterprises can take advantage of both of these industry-leading technologies.

More sessions in the Applications track..

The Hadoop World agenda continues to grow and more breakout sessions are added daily. Remember to check regularly for updates and get registered for Hadoop World 2011.