The Only Full Lifecycle Management for Apache Hadoop: Introducing Cloudera Enterprise 3.5 and SCM Express

Drew O’Brien is a product marketing manager at Cloudera

We’re excited to share the news about the immediate availability of Cloudera Enterprise 3.5 and SCM Express, which we announced this week in tandem with our presence at Hadoop Summit. These products represent a major advance in Cloudera’s mission to drive massive enterprise adoption of 100% open source Apache Hadoop. We now make it easier and more convenient than ever before for companies to run and manage Apache Hadoop clusters throughout their entire operational lifecycle.

Cloudera Enterprise 3.5 is a substantial update to our subscription service that delivers production support and management software for Apache Hadoop and the entire Apache Hadoop ecosystem. With new features like automated service and configuration tools, activity monitoring, and one-click security, we’ve streamlined the extremely complex processes and eliminated the uncertainties associated with ongoing management and maintenance of Hadoop clusters in production. Cloudera Enterprise 3.5 codifies and makes available best practices Cloudera has learned over many years of helping enterprise customers build and manage Apache Hadoop-based systems.

SCM Express is a free version of the new Service and Configuration Manager, which is part of the Cloudera Management Suite (CMS) in Cloudera Enterprise 3.5. SCM Express makes it simple and painless to install, run and configure a complete Apache Hadoop stack in just minutes.  Now anyone can have a Hadoop cluster up and running in just a few clicks.

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