Cloudera Service and Configuration Manager Express Edition Screencast (Director’s Cut)

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Philip Zeyliger is a software engineer at Cloudera and started the SCM

Two weeks ago, at Hadoop Summit, we released our Service and Configuration Manager (SCM) Express. It’s a dramatically simpler and faster way to get started with Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH). In a previous blog post, we talked in some detail about SCM Express and what it can do for you.

The screencast included in this post demonstrates the simplicity of a CDH installation using SCM Express. The “Directors” conversing in the background are engineers Philip Langdale and Philip Zeyliger and VP of Products, Charles Zedlewski.



One response on “Cloudera Service and Configuration Manager Express Edition Screencast (Director’s Cut)

  1. sadanand

    it looks like cool.i would like to try it.i have seen SCM’s documentation also.pre-requirements to deploy hadoop cluster using SCM .like All the hosts must have access to the site on the Internet to allow SCM to download Cloudera packages and repositories.Unfortunately our company’s security policy doesn’t allow our hosts to access to other repositories.i need help in this case to deploy cluster using SCM.