We messed up.

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Yesterday, Media Guardian announced that the Apache Hadoop project had won the prestigious Media Guardian innovation award. This is a considerable honor to the global team that conceived and built Hadoop under the stewardship of the Apache Software Foundation.

Doug Cutting, the project creator, ASF Chair and a Cloudera employee, was asked to provide a video for presentation at the award ceremony. Other prominent community members — Owen O’Malley, Sanjay Radia and Jakob Homan — made the trip to the UK to attend the award ceremony in person.

Cloudera posted a press release yesterday announcing that Doug Cutting had received the award personally. That was a serious error, and I want to apologize to the community for making it. In our enthusiasm to promote the award, we weren’t careful in reviewing our own press release copy. Doug was clear in his acceptance and in his communications publicly that this was a project, not a personal, award.

I genuinely regret the error. I join the Media Guardian in congratulating the PMC, committers and contributors to Apache Hadoop for their outstanding and innovative work. Congratulations also to the ASF for its great work in shepherding the project.

We will be more careful in the future.