London Apache Hadoop User Group Meeting Summarized

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The most recent London Apache Hadoop User Group met this past week, which Cloudera sponsored. The following post is courtesy of Dan Harvey. It summarizes the meet-up with several links pointing to great Hadoop resources from the meeting.

Last Wednesday was the March meet-up for the Hadoop Users Group in London. We were lucky to have Jakob Homan, Owen O’Malley and Sanjay Radia over from Yahoo! and Linkedin, respectively. These speakers are from the San Francisco bay area and were in London to accept the Guardian Media Innovation Award, recognizing Hadoop as the innovative technology of 2010. The evening was a great success with over 80 people turning out in the Yahoo! London office along with pizza thanks to Cloudera and drinks in the pub afterwards by Yahoo Developer Networks who were both sponsors for the event.

The two talks from Yahoo! were focusing on improvements to MapReduce and HDFS:

and the talk from Linkedin was one of their new open source projects for stream processing :

It’s great to see where the future of the Hadoop project is going and how it is gathering with great pace. We’ll be having our next meet-up on April the 14th, so best to keep that date free in your diary. Also, as ever if you want to give a talk about anything Hadoop related in London or help out the with group in anyway let us know, or speak out on our mailing list.


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