What’s Going On Surrounding Hadoop World

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We’re only 3 weeks away from the event date—October 12th— so we have decided to save you time and provide a short synopsis of events surrounding Hadoop World. These events include Hadoop-related activities, as well as some fun and interesting activities, which cannot be found in places other than the Big Apple.

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October 11th, Monday:

Introduction to Hadoop Training, 9am – 5pm: This session will provide attendees with the foundation of Hadoop knowledge necessary for anyone looking for further Hadoop understanding prior to the conference.

Hadoop Essentials for Managers Training, 9am – 5pm: This session will provide Hadoop insight that will come in handy when the time comes to make informed decisions about using Hadoop.

Cloudera Hue SDK Training, 9am – 5pm: Attendees will build an application with Hue SDK under direction from the Cloudera team.

HBase User Group Meetup, 4 – 6pm: Hosted in the StumbleUpon Soho office with beer and snacks provided by Facebook.

Accel Partners Welcome Reception, 6 – 9pm: Accel is sponsoring this welcoming event on the penthouse/rooftop deck of The Dream Hotel at a place called Ava Lounge. Not to be missed!

Rock of Ages, 8pm: A Broadway musical featuring hits from Foreigner, Styx, Pat Benatar, and Journey. A retro adventure for those wishing it was still the 80’s.

Ping-Pong in Bryant Park, 11am: Two tables will be set-up at Bryant Park for anyone who wants to learn, show off, or develop a phenomenal spinning serve.

October 12th, Tuesday:

Hadoop World, 8 – 5pm: The main event! Hear from more than 36 presentations revolving around Hadoop.

NTT Data Hadoop World Networking Reception, 6 – 7:30pm: Following Hadoop World NTT Data has offered an hour of drinks and Hor D’oeuvres while we network and chat about what we have seen throughout the day.

October 13th & 14th, Wednesday & Thursday:

Developer Training and Certification, 9 – 5pm (2 days): Learn the MapReduce framework and how to write programs against its API. In addition learn design techniques for larger workflows, and advanced skills for debugging MapReduce programs and optimizing their performance.

Administrator Training and Certification, 9 – 5pm (2 days): Learn aspects of Hadoop from installation and configuration to load balancing and tuning, to diagnosing and solving problems in your deployment.

Analyzing Data with Hive and Pig, 9 – 5pm (2 days): This course will teach you how to process data by using filters, joins, user-defined functions and more.

4Play, 2pm (both days): The flying Karamazov Brothers combine circus arts, comedy, music, dance, and more in this loopy circus show. Be sure to smuggle in something heavy and awkward for them to juggle.

Dead or Alive, All Day (both days): This show features artists that work with a wide range of materials such as feathers, bugs, bones, silkworm cocoons, greenery, and hair to create intricate installations and sculptures. A little weird, yet not to be feared.

October 15th, Friday:

HBase Training, 9 – 5pm: Learn how to use HBase as a distributed data store to achieve low-latency queries and highly scalable throughput. This course covers HBase architecture, data model, and Java API.

Light reading, All day: The re-creation of classic literature books using LED devices to portray them in bright neon colors by artist Airan Kang.

Again, this is a short summary of the dates surrounding Hadoop World. Obviously we have not included everything happening in NYC, we have condensed and included what we believe will be of most interest to you. If you feel we have left something out—especially a Hadoop-related item—please let us know, we would love to add your event to our calendar.

Get ready for an exciting couple of Hadoop days! And a big thank you to Apache Hadoop for giving us a reason to put this event together!

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