A Look Back at August Posts

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Migrating to CDH – August 2

You will learn everything you need to know about migrating with CDH3b2 ranging from why migrate to testing.

Flume community update - August 3

In this blog we address Flume issues, talk about new features, and the improvement of the platform.

Hadoop World: early-bird rate ends on August 11 – August 9

The early-bird registration window may have passed, however, it is not too late to register for Hadoop World. Register Now!

Cloudera’s Henry Robinson to speak at Hadoop Day in Seattle – August 10

At Seattle’s Hadoop Day Cloudera’s Henry Robinson gave a speech entitled “Inside Flume.” Click the above title to read a short abstract, and the slides of his presentation are available by clicking here.

CDH3b2 Release Recap – August 11

This post briefly explains CDH3b2 and contains links to the components of this package.

Avoiding Common Hadoop Administration Issues – August 12

Cloudera’s support services see many issues on a regular basis. This post runs through some common administration issues we have come across and how to avoid them.

Hadoop/HBase Capacity Planning – August 17

This blog provides guidance in sizing your first Hadoop/HBase cluster.

Hadoop World: NYC – Training – August 19

This post contains brief summaries of the trainings available surrounding Hadoop World. Space is still available, sign up now!

Improving Hotel Search: Hadoop @ Orbitz Worldwide – August 23

Jonathan Seidman provides a use-case from Orbitz, which will be further covered at Hadoop World on October 12th.

Hadoop Administrator Training Comes to London – August 24

There will be Hadoop Training in London for Administrators and Developers alike. These sessions are September 9th, so sign up ASAP, use the promotion code in this post for a discount!

Using Hadoop for Fraud Detection and Prevention – August 24

Hadoop has been proven very useful in fraud detection and prevention. This post covers how Hadoop can help solve these problems.

What’s New in Apache Hadoop 0.21 – August 26

Tom White, author of Hadoop: The Definitive Guide gives us an overview of the changes and improvements with Apache Hadoop 0.21.

Hadoop World 2010: Speaker Highlights – August 30

A brief glimpse into three of the thirty-six presentations that will be given at Hadoop World. This blog has presentation abstracts for General Electric and eBay.

This concludes the summary of Cloudera blog posts for August 2010. Be sure to follow Cloudera as we will continue to provide updates on Apache Hadoop and Hadoop-related projects.

Be sure to attend Hadoop World October 12th in New York City!