Register for Hadoop Training in New York and Get into Hadoop World for Free!

Categories: General Hadoop Training

That’s right, sign up for any of the training courses surrounding Hadoop World 2010, and receive a complimentary pass to the conference! There are seven different courses on offer, so whether you are new to Hadoop or looking to deepen your skills, you’ll find something to fit your needs.

If you are a manager trying to decide whether Hadoop is an appropriate technology for your organization, Hadoop Essentials for Managers will answer your questions. We will show you when using Hadoop is appropriate, what Hadoop is being used for in a range of industries, how Hadoop fits into your existing environment and what you need to know in order to deploy it within your organization.

Why not turn your Hadoop World trip into a multiple day Hadoop learning extravaganza by attending one of our two-day sessions? Both the developer and administrator training courses culminate in an exam which, when passed, confers Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer or Administrator status.

For the developer with an existing understanding of Hadoop and ready to utilize Hive and Pig for their data analysis, there is a two-day class teaching you how to process data using filters, joins, user-defined functions and more.

For those looking to deploy HBase, consider our one-day HBase training session. Learn how to use HBase as a distributed data store to achieve low-latency queries and highly scalable throughput. This class covers HBase architecture, data modeling, and the Java API as well as some advanced topics and best practices.

If you’re a developer who is completely new to Hadoop, we have put together a course that will provide you with a solid foundation in large scale data processing using MapReduce and Hadoop. This course is purposely offered the day before Hadoop World, so that while in attendance you will be able to better grasp the topics at the conference with your fresh Hadoop knowledge. Once you have taken this course and are comfortable with Hadoop, feel free to also enroll in a training course followed by Certification to document your new-found Hadoop knowledge.

For developers who wish to simplify interacting with Hadoop, Cloudera HUE provides back- and front-end APIs to deliver a rich, web-based, graphical user experience. This class covers using the HUE APIs to develop your own rich, graphical applications built on top of the HUE platform.

Once again, you will receive free entry to Hadoop World if you are registered in any of the training sessions surrounding the event! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to broaden your knowledge, and we hope to see you there!