New York Training Session for Managers Interested In Hadoop

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Hadoop Essentials for Managers is a one-day course provided October 11th—the day prior to Hadoop World—that will provide decision-makers with the information they need about Apache Hadoop. In this session we will answer questions such as:

  • When is Hadoop appropriate?
  • What are people using Hadoop for?
  • How does Hadoop fit into our existing environment?
  • What do I need to know about choosing Hadoop?

You will hear use cases and case studies that help to explain what sort of problems Hadoop can solve. We will explain the Hadoop ecosystem, and how Hadoop-related projects such as Hive, Flume, Hue and others can help developers and administrators take best advantage of Hadoop’s power. We’ll help you understand how Hadoop can integrate into your existing systems architecture, and provide information on how to manage your Hadoop cluster: the people resources required, the hardware required, the overall costs, and how it can scale for growth.

By attending any of the Cloudera training sessions surrounding Hadoop World—which includes Hadoop Essentials for Managers—you gain complimentary entry to the conference! Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about Hadoop as well as network with potential partners, clients and friends at the conference.

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