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A few months back Cloudera announced two product updates: a significant expansion of our distribution for Hadoop and the availability of Cloudera Enterprise.  Over the course of the past two months we’ve had several blog posts talking about Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH) including what’s in it, news about different components and examples of how it is being used.  This was intentional.   Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop is the company’s main platform and we think it’s the most functional, reliable and consumable way to get Hadoop.
At the same time many people have asked to learn more about Cloudera Enterprise and so this blog post provides an overview of CDH’s sister product. Cloudera Enterprise is:

What companies need to run Hadoop in production
This is the essence of Cloudera Enterprise.  Most companies working with Hadoop have learned there is a big difference between trying Hadoop, executing a single use case with Hadoop and deploying Hadoop as a long lived piece of a company’s internal infrastructure.   Cloudera Enterprise is aimed at that third case.
When Hadoop moves into production, the expectations of internal customers grow and the operations of Hadoop gets professionalized. Operations teams need Hadoop to behave like any other component in their IT landscape.  They need Hadoop to:

  • Conform to service level agreements established with internal customers. This may include things like uptime, slot availability or job completion time.
  • Integrate with established IT processes and policies.
  • Come with a reasonable administrative overhead in terms of the number of people who have to care for Hadoop and the amount of expertise they require.
  • Cloudera Enterprise helps teams accomplish these aims

A combination of services and software
The product includes what we’ve learned that organizations need to run Hadoop in production for which both software and support is essential. Consequently Cloudera Enterprise includes:

  • Production support for Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop
  • Production support for certified interfaces to Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (these either already include or have been announced to include MySQL, Oracle, Netezza and Teradata).
  • Software that helps automate the administration of user and group permissions including prepackaged integration to Active Directory
  • Software that supports the monitoring of different aspects of the performance and reliability of the Hadoop stack
  • Software that help track the usage of cluster resources for purposes of interdepartmental billing and capacity planning

Cloudera’s commercial offering (i.e. something that you pay for)

Cloudera charges for Cloudera Enterprise and it is available as an annual subscription.
Since its announcement, customer response to Cloudera Enterprise has been extremely positive and a number of companies are already live with Enterprise.   If you’d like to learn more about Enterprise, you can e-mail or you can come to Hadoop World in New York City this October 12th