HUE SDK Training – NYC

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Cloudera is offering several training sessions in New York City this October. These sessions not only provide you with the opportunity to accelerate your Hadoop education, they qualify you for complimentary entry to Hadoop World.

Cloudera’s Hue SDK Training is one of these New York sessions and will be held on October 11th. Hue is an open source, Apache licensed unified user interface for Hadoop. Hue’s SDK provides back-end APIs to simplify interacting with Hadoop and front-end APIs to deliver rich, web-based, graphical user experiences. The session is designed for engineers with experience building web applications using AJAX  and modern MVC frameworks. Hue is implemented using Python and Django, so experience with these toolkits will be helpful.

There are many interesting applications that can be built using Hue which will improve your overall Hadoop user experience and much more. Listed are some examples:

  • You can create interfaces for complex components of CDH such as Hive, Zookeeper, Flume and Oozie;
  • Create a single point-of-entry to your cluster making it easier to secure;
  • Or build a visualization application that could visually present utilization in a Hadoop cluster similarly to how iTunes or Winamp does visualization of audio information.

Cloudera’s Hue SDK Training will teach you:

  • Hue architecture
  • Architecture of a Hue application
  • Hue configuration and deployment
  • Hue APIs
    • Back end APIs (interacting with Hadoop)
    • Front end APIs (building graphically rich apps in the browser)

To help you further absorb this Hue lesson, throughout the session, the Cloudera Hue Team will jointly build a fully-functional application with session attendees using the Hue framework.

Learn more by clicking here.