Hadoop World Presentation Track Release

Categories: General

If you are already registered or plan to attend Hadoop World, then you must be excited for the release of the presentation track posted now on the Hadoop World webpage. Check out the 36 presentations—not including keynote speaker Tim O’Reilly— which will encompass multitudes of Hadoop-related information in a wide range of industries. We have speakers sharing Hadoop experiences in financial services, telecommunications, education, web and more.

Below is listed only a few of the topics these presentations will cover:

  • MapReduce and parallel database systems,
  • Hadoop image processing for disaster relief,
  • Sentiment analysis,
  • Multi-channel behavioral analytics,
  • And Hadoop-related projects such as HBase, Hive, Hue and more.

Note that all of these presentations will be sharing real use-case examples and scenarios from their own experiences with Hadoop.

So check out the presentation track and plan your line of attack. There is a plethora of information to digest along the Hadoop World presentation track so be sure to plan your path in advance and coordinate with a colleague or friend if needed.

If you have yet to register, you can sign up now with the below link.

We’re excited to share this Hadoop New York experience with you!