Flume community update – the first 30 days!

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?It’s been just over a month since we announced Flume at the Hadoop Summit, releasing the code as open source and distributing on github. For additional background see?? CDH3 and Cloudera Enterprise and What’s New in CDH3b2: Flume.

Since that milestone the Flume community has been at work addressing issues, adding features, building community, and generally working hard to improve the platform. You can see the issues that have already been resolved for the next release — 25 so far!

Talking about releases, we’re working hard to close out a few remaining blockers after which we plan to release a 0.9.1 version. This release should also contain a few features from new contributors, currently we have a number of significant features being worked on by:

See this page if you are interested in contributing. There are many interesting areas to work on, both wrt new feature development and closing out issues that users have been finding (detailed on the JIRA):

We’d love to hear from you! If you are using Flume feel free to update the newly added Powered By page.

or contact us at:

If I’ve missed anything you think is important, or would like to highlight, please feel free to reply to this email thread.

Regards, The Cloudera Team.