Cloudera’s Henry Robinson to speak at Hadoop Day in Seattle

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On August 14th, Seattle will host it’s first Hadoop Day: a day-long community-organized event where people gather to discuss and learn the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Cloudera’s very own Henry Robinson, will be giving a talk entitled “Inside Flume”. In Henry’s words

“Flume is Cloudera’s new open-source data-aggregation framework – designed with getting data into Hadoop in mind. In this talk I’ll describe Flume’s architecture and its guiding design principles, and show through a worked example how easy it is to start collecting your data with Flume. Topics I’ll cover include Flume’s fault-tolerance model, managing Flume through its centralised configuration service and adding features to Flume’s extensible core. “

What: Seattle Hadoop Day 2010

When: Saturday, August 14, 2010

Where: Amazon Pac-Med, Seattle, WA

Full agenda and event details can be found here. We hope to see you at Hadoop Day!