CDH3b2 Release Recap

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Just over a month ago, our CEO, Mike Olson, announced the availability of Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (beta 2), or CDH3b2. As Charles, our head of Product Management, explained in a subsequent blog post, this release of CDH removes a lot of the complexity we’ve seen organizations encounter when deploying Hadoop within an existing data management infrastructure.

By packaging Hadoop core together with a suite of additional projects for data collection, workflow management, and low-latency access, and putting all of those components behind a single user interface, CDH3b2 is the first distribution for Hadoop that puts tools for data collection, curation, and analysis into a single, supported software package. Others have noticed that a “LAMP stack” for working with big data is emerging from the Hadoop ecosystem; CDH3b2 delivers this stack in an integrated and well-tested fashion.

The Components of Cloudera's Distribution for Hadoop

For your convenience, we’ve collected our series of blog posts about what’s new for each component of CDH3b2 below. When you’re ready to upgrade your cluster to CDH3b2, be sure to follow the detailed instructions provided by Eric Sammer, a solutions architect at Cloudera.