Upcoming webinar: 10 Common Hadoop-able Problems

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At Cloudera we find that organizations often have trouble recognizing how Hadoop can help solve some of the large scale data problems they may be facing. Through our engagements with customers we have seen a range of problems, a number of which come up time and time again.

We thought it would be a good idea to share our findings and we’d like to invite you to attend this free and exclusive webinar to hear our Chief Scientist, Jeff Hammerbacher, as he describes ten common problems that can be solved with Hadoop. Some of these are problems that span multiple industries whilst others are more industry specific. In all examples, Hadoop provides a solution that allows the organization to reduce costs and extract more value from its data.

In this webinar you will learn what are ten common business problems being solved with Hadoop; what industries are benefiting from these solutions; and specific examples of customers benefiting from Hadoop.

For example, we will look at how Hadoop is used for threat detection in organizations from financial services to IT security to government. We will generalize the smart grid example we discussed in a previous blog post to look at how Hadoop can help you analyze readings across a sensor network in order to help predict failure. More broadly we will look at how Hadoop can be used by all types of organizations to analyze complex data from multiple sources to find patterns and relationships that allow them to extract additional value from their data.

Also if you attend the webinar you’ll receive a free copy of our latest whitepaper: “10 Common Hadoop-able Problems”. So, what are you waiting for – go register to learn how Hadoop could be used to solve a problem within your organization.


5 responses on “Upcoming webinar: 10 Common Hadoop-able Problems

  1. Kurt Nordstrom

    Hi there! I am interested in the Webinar, but it falls on a date during which I will be largely unavailable. Do you have any plans for a recording and/or “rebroadcast” of the webinar?

    1. John Kreisa

      Hi Kurt, Yes we will record the webinar and make the recording available on our site under the events section. It will be listed as a “past event” and you will be able to view the full recording when convenient.

  2. Vladimir Rodionov

    I think that threat detection makes sense when it is real or near real time in many situations especially when we talk about financial markets. This is what Hadoop is not good for.

  3. Wojtek

    Bad, that I won’t be able to attend because of Windows/Mac requirement. But very nice, that webinar will be recorded.