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The amount one can learn from data is often immense, and CDH makes it easier for analysts, researchers, programmers, and organizations to extract meaningful information from their data. We’d like to invite you to come build, play, and experiment with our newest release of CDH, CDH3, at our hackathon on July 27th. The CDH hackathon will be an opportunity to team up with Cloudera employees and other community members to use CDH3 to solve fun and interesting problems. Each attendee is encouraged to come to the hackathon with an idea about what to build. Then, at the beginning of the day, we’ll find groups to work with and start hacking. Some example projects might be to collect Twitter data and perform social graph analysis. Or maybe to analyze the Enron email data to find friend circles and categorize them into fraudulent or innocent. At the end of the day we’ll do an anonymous poll and vote on the best project. There will be a prize for the winning group!

We’ll get started at 9:30am on July 27th at Cloudera Headquarters. We’ll finish sometime around 7:30pm. Lunch will be provided by our investor Accel.

In summary:
What: Build applications using CDH to do cool things; collaborate with the community and Cloudera employees
Where: Cloudera HQ — 210 Portage Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94306
When: Tuesday July 27, 2010, 9:30am

Please send an email to hackathon -at- cloudera -dot- com if you’d like to attend. Spots are limited!


4 responses on “Hacking with Cloudera on CDH

  1. Christos Constantinou

    For non-US based people, can we observe or get involved in the event online somehow?

  2. Alex Loddengaard Post author

    Hi Christos, we can create a goto meeting. If you’d like to attend the goto meeting just sen an email to hackathon -at- cloudera -dot- come. Thanks!