Announcing Two New Training Classes from Cloudera: Introduction to HBase and Analyzing Data with Hive and Pig

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Cloudera is pleased to announce two new training courses: a one-day Introduction to HBase and a two-day session on Analyzing Data with Hive and Pig. These join a recently-expanded two-day Hadoop for Administrators course and our popular three-day Hadoop for Developers offering, any of which can be combined to provide extensive, customized training for your organization. Please contact for more information regarding on-site training, or visit to view our public course schedule.

Cloudera’s HBase course discusses use-cases for HBase, and covers the HBase architecture, schema modeling, access patterns, and performance considerations. During hands-on exercises, students write code to access HBase from Java applications, and use the HBase shell to manipulate data. Introduction to HBase also covers deployment and advanced features.

Our Hive and Pig course is designed for developers who are skilled with SQL or scripting languages, but who are not Java experts. Hive and Pig are two approaches which allow non-Java programmers to access and manipulate massive amounts of data while abstracting away the complexities of MapReduce. Hive offers an SQL-like interface, while Pig’s scripting language, named PigLatin, is very easy for developers learn. This course covers both technologies, and includes multiple hands-on exercises to reinforce key concepts.

Cloudera’s Hadoop for System Administrators course has recently been expanded from one day to two, and covers the important issues for System Administrators charged with looking after Hadoop clusters. Topics include planning and deploying the cluster, managing MapReduce jobs, scheduling jobs using the Fair Scheduler, cluster monitoring and troubleshooting, populating HDFS from existing relational database management systems with Sqoop, and using Flume to import logs and other files into HDFS.

Our most popular course, Hadoop for Developers, is a three-day offering which covers everything from an introduction to HDFS and MapReduce right through to advanced MapReduce APIs and algorithms. Students learn to build MapReduce jobs through a combination of instructor-led training and hands-on exercises; the course includes an exam offering students the chance to earn Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer credentials.

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