Upcoming webinar: Tackling Big Data Challenges with Vertica and Hadoop

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Are your systems struggling to absorb ever-increasing amounts of data being generated daily? Are you mired in lengthy ETL processes preparing data for analysis? Are you forced to summarize information and thus losing important details along the way?

We’ve been working with Vertica at several large enterprise customers to solve these very problems. We’d like to invite you to  attend this free and exclusive webinar to hear our CTO, Amr Awadallah and Vertica’s VP of Products, Colin Mahony describe how both our customers are using revolutionary technologies to solve these challenges, reduce costs and extract more value from real world big data sets. Stuff that really matters.

We’ve talked a lot about how Hadoop’s MapReduce framework provides a scalable platform for powerful data processing and data analysis including data mining, ETL, and complex processing. The great thing is that it complements well with Vertica’s Analytic DBMS which provides structured analysis and query of big data. In this webinar we’ll show you how Vertica and Cloudera offer a cost-effective methodology to manage massive unstructured and structured data volumes; how Vertica and Cloudera combine to offer unmatched flexibility and power, so you can apply infinitely scalable processing; and how our customers are solving real world big data challenges.

Also if you attend the webinar you’ll receive a free report from Knowledge Integrity, Inc entitled “New Paradigms for High Performance Analytical Computing” (view abstract). So, what are you waiting for – go register now!