Reporting from the UK Hadoop Users Group

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We like to support the broader Hadoop community in a number of ways including providing great software, services and training but also by providing support for meetups and a forum for reporting on interesting events. In this guest blog post from Klaas Bosteels from he gives us his report from the recent UK Hadoop Users Group (HUG) which featured 25 or so folks (some would say geeks) at the Skills Matter central London training facility earlier this week. Thanks Klaas!

About two years ago, sent Martin and Johan to Yahoo’s first Hadoop Summit and they liked what they saw. Johan even liked it so much that he started organizing similar events in London, which is how the Hadoop User Group UKcame into existence. He successfully organized three meetups featuring many great speakers, including Doug Cuttingand several other big names from the Hadoop community. But then the inevitable happened: Johan got stolen by Twitterand left the country, leaving us without a main organizer for the HUGUK meetups.

Ever since he left Johan kept pushing us to keep HUGUK alive though, and when I heard the Cloudera guys were coming to town for some training sessionsI saw my chance to finally obey his requests. It didn’t take much effort at all to convince Cloudera’s Aaron Kimball to present something, which was a great starting point that eventually led to a pretty awesome meetup with four very interesting talks:

All of these talks, even the latter two which were very short lightning talks, featured a nifty live demo at some point and Cloudera put the final cherry on the cake by providing free beer and pizza for all attendants! It was definitely a great meetup, and we’re very grateful to Cloudera for being so supportive.

Now that we got the wheels rolling again I’d like to keep going and organize HUGUK meetups on a regular basis by the way. Please let me know if you have talk suggestions or want to help out in any other way.


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