One word more…

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I want to follow Christophe onto the stage, here, to say just a few things.

Most importantly: Thanks. Sincerely. We’ve worked together closely since the very earliest days of Cloudera, long before we had a business plan or any funding. The progress we’ve made in the years since our first meeting about starting a company is remarkable. Cloudera would be vastly different without Christophe’s many contributions. All of us here are indebted to him for his hard work and enthusiasm.

Of course the departure of a founder is significant. That said, I’m absolutely confident in our continued growth and success. We’ve accomplished a great deal over the last couple of years — not least, we’ve built a world-class team. We’ve got the depth we need to meet the challenges in front of us. We’re looking forward to it.

Knowing Christophe, I’m confident that we’ll see and hear great things from him soon. Our heartfelt best wishes!

— Mike Olson, CEO