A transition

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For an entrepreneur, it’s an incredibly fulfilling experience to start companies and watch them “grow up.” Along the way, you learn invaluable lessons, form deep bonds with colleagues, and if you do things right, bring significant value to your customers.

Cloudera has done things right. We’ve hired an incredible team and brought the power of Apache Hadoop to some of the most forward thinking enterprises in the world.

But we couldn’t have done it alone. What has enabled Cloudera’s rapid growth goes beyond our team – it includes the entire community around Hadoop. Many companies invest vast resources in the project and together we have created a new industry standard that is accessible to traditional enterprises. This is pretty exciting. Cloudera has grown up quickly and I am proud to have played a role.

When not in the Cloudera office, I spend a fair bit of time advising early stage companies. Some of these companies complement Cloudera and others have nothing to do with software at all. In the process, I have realized that, while I still have the frenetic energy many of you know, I can contribute the most value to companies whose path to success is far less obvious than Cloudera’s. The opportunity to be involved with a start-up as it defines a new way to address a market need, formulates a strategic plan, and staffs to execute against it at scale is invigorating in ways that are hard to match. It is what led me to co-found Cloudera in 2008 and it is what has led me to the decision to step back from day-to-day involvement at this time.

This was a difficult decision for me as I think there is much left for Cloudera to achieve. I reached this point after much deliberation and likely would not have the confidence to focus my attentions elsewhere were it not for the strong management team that we have put in place. I have no doubt that they will knock it out of the park. I will be paying keen attention and I look forward to celebrating their future successes.

In closing I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped Cloudera with its accomplishments to date. The proverb about success having many fathers holds true, thanks to you. While I’m not able to announce what I’ll be working on next I look forward to letting you know soon via my currently dormant Twitter account – @cbisciglia – so stay tuned.

— Christophe


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