What to Do with Extra Space?

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What can you do with a lot of extra space? No, I do not mean HDFS. I am talking about the new Cloudera Global Headquarters.

Cloudera’s old office became so crammed that our CEO had to take calls from his car, and our Architect shared a desk. So the new space in Palo Alto was much anticipated (not to mention its extreme proximity to Fry’s). It features eight conference rooms, one quiet room, two server rooms, showers, kitchen, and so on. A month has passed and we managed to only fill about one-third of the office. The excitement has sparked some creative ideas of what to do with all the extra space:

Celebration party

Throw lunch parties. This was our move-in celebration.


Cloudera Olympics. Christophe started jumping over desks instead of going around. This is Eli's attempt.

Olympics Nutron

Nutron demonstrating the correct way to clear the desks.


Carl brought in his remote controlled plane to fly down the unoccupied part of the office.


Too many conference rooms? We turned one into a workshop table. This is Vinithra, Jon and bc assembling a MakerBot 3D printer.

Amr's Daughter at Work

Bring your kid to work. This is Amr's daughter. (No, not Jeff's.)

Packed Old Office

Goodbye, old office

Our extra space will probably meet the same fate as that in your HDFS, i.e. the content will fill it up. I look forward to the day when Cloudera needs a new new office, and challenges that come with being triple the size. To me, this is the real perk of working for a startup — the opportunity to build a company, not just code.


5 responses on “What to Do with Extra Space?

  1. Kirk Wylie

    Congratulations on the move, but I have to say I’m bummed that you’re no longer in the Radik Dream Space from back in the post-dotcom-bubble era! I guess it’ll have to go back to another safe industry like mortgage brokering.