Cloudera Has Moved!

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Over the past weekend Cloudera moved into some brand new digs in sunny Palo Alto CA; neighbors to VMware, Facebook, SAP, HP and a whole host of other great companies. We are also closer to some of our biggest and best customers. If you are wondering why we moved, one reason outweighed all the others – space. We were officially out of it.  When our most recent hire arrived this past week, there wasn’t a single spot for another desk anywhere in our Burlingame HQ – a  good sign that it’s time to move.

We are excited to be in our new space and we love visitors.  We are directly behind Fry’s Electronics, the iconic Silcon Valley retailer. The next time you are picking up a cable or a camera, stop by and say hi!


2 responses on “Cloudera Has Moved!

  1. Dino

    It’s good to hear from you that you guys are getting your own space at Silicon Valley.
    I wish you luck !!!
    PS.: Think an idea to have training session in BRazil !!!