CDH2 is released

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We’re proud to announce that Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop Version 2 (CDH2) is officially released.

We’ve come a long way to get to a production quality release. At the beginning of September we announced the first beta of CDH2. After 6 months of additional testing we announced a release candidate. The release candidate spent over a month hardening in Cloudera’s internal QA process and on a wide variety of customer clusters. CDH2 is now stable and ready for use – we are pleased to recommend it to all our production users.

CDH2 is based on Apache Hadoop 0.20 – a release that has been available for almost a year. During this time, the Apache Hadoop community has produced hundreds of bug fixes, improvements and features. Cloudera is proud to have contributed many of these and incorporated them into CDH2.  For more information, please review the following resources:

  • The release notes for CDH2. All bug fixes and improvements are covered in detail.
  • For new features you’ll want to checkout CDH3, which is now in beta.
  • For how to get started, please have a look at CDH documentation, which includes a helpful bit on determining which version is right for you.

Hadoop is a community effort. We’d like to thank everyone who contributes to Hadoop, especially the substantial contribution made by the big team at Yahoo! and all the other users who have contributed to this release. We appreciate the feedback on Get Satisfaction, twitter and IRC (#cloudera on Keep it coming, and thanks for using Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop!


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