Cloudera’s Apache Hadoop Training Programs Expand Internationally

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It’s been over a year now since we started offering Hadoop training in the Bay Area, and since then, we’ve put many of our introductory materials online (for free), and offer in-person public classes in cities around the US (click here for a full list of sessions). The response has been incredible, but one thing is painfully obvious: we’re not doing enough to meet the needs of the growing world-wide Apache Hadoop community.

To that end, we’ve made investments in translating translating our materials into new languages and thinking about how to scale our training programs internationally.

As a first step, we’ll offer our three-day developer training session outside the US later this spring. We’ll announce cities and dates in the EU soon, but we’re happy to announce our first two sessions in Asia now:

  • Tokyo, Japan – April 6-8– Instruction in English, Materials in Japanese and English, with special thanks to NTT-Data and Preferred Infrastructure for local support.
  • Taipei, Taiwan – April 12-14 – Instruction in English, Materials in Traditional Chinese and English, with special thanks to ChungHwa System Integration and the National Center for High-Performance Computing for local support.

Going forward, we’ll explore partnership relationships with companies that are well-positioned to serve the needs of local Hadoop communities in their local language. Great partners have strong technical skills, experience delivering professional training, and business interests aligned with driving Hadoop adoption. We’ve identified some great partners already, and if you think you’d be a good fit, let us know.


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