CDH2: “Testing” Heading Towards “Stable”

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In September 2009, we announced the first release of CDH2, our current testing repository. Packages in our testing repository are recommended for people who want more features and are willing to upgrade as bugs are worked out. Our testing packages pass unit and functional tests but will not have the same “soak time” as our stable packages. A testing release represents a work in progress that will eventually be promoted to stable. It’s a long road of feedback, bug fixes, QA and testing to move from testing to stable. As someone who tracks the maturity of a testing build throughout its life cycle, I’m pleased to say we’ve put a lot of polish into this release.
CDH2 has reached the point where we are preparing to promote it to stable. One might even call this a “release candidate”. Cloudera engineers have been hard at work getting patches into CDH2 to make it the best 0.20 release available. Here are some of the highlights:

We are excited about our CDH2 release. Its running at scale at some really great companies. We are looking forward to promoting it to stable shortly and moving on to the next big thing, CDH3. I’ll let you know as soon as this happens. When CDH2 becomes stable, it also means that CDH3 is ready to start its journey through testing. Stay tuned for more details as to what CDH3 will encompass; I’ll just say that I’m pretty excited about it.

You can subscribe to our CDH mailing list ( to get information about new releases as we push them out. Check out the new release, and remember to let us know what you think!


2 responses on “CDH2: “Testing” Heading Towards “Stable”

  1. Leo Simons

    Hmmm, celebrating having 100s of patches over the default hadoop distribution looks awkward. Your more knowledgeable customers should be demanding that, as time goes on, you are always trying to get back to 0 divergence as fixes are ported upstream and released.

    Nevertheless, congrats on getting the new version out, I hope it’ll be final soon!

    1. Todd Lipcon

      Hi Leo,

      Thanks for taking a look! Regarding pushing our patches upstream, if you check out the CHANGES.txt file you’ll see that almost all patches have an associated Apache JIRA. We actively contribute to Hadoop, and most of these patches have already been committed to Apache’s repository for inclusion in a later release; however, the Apache Hadoop release policy is such that not all can be included in a point release (like 0.20.2). The few patches that do not have an Apache JIRA are Cloudera-specific (eg for our packaging integration).

      We maintain this patch series of backports and improvements in order to get the best distribution possible into the hands of customers and community users today. Looking forward to any additional feedback you might have as you deploy this latest CDH.