Announcing Hadoop World: NYC 2009: RFP Open

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Lately, we’ve been spending a lot of time on the East Coast, and one thing is clear: Hadoop is everywhere.

Hadoop usage on the East Coast tends to be slightly different. There are still web companies with armys of tech gurus, but there are also many “regular” industries and enterprises using and exploring Hadoop. It’s time to get together and learn a thing or two from one other.

Hadoop World: NYC 2009 will take place on October 2nd, and focus on two areas of interest to enterprise users. We’ve opened requests for proposals at:

Development and Administration:

  • Core Hadoop: Areas for Development, Major Upcoming Contributions, Functional Deep Dives
  • Administration: Large Cluster Overviews, Performance Tips, Resource Management, High Availability
  • Developer: IDEs, QA Best Practices, Sharing Code / Data / Clusters, Higher Level Abstractions

Hadoop Applications:

  • Lessons from the Web: What can traditional industries learn from companies with web scale data?
  • Industry Case Studies: Finance, Telecom / Utilities, Retail, Biotech, etc.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Databases, BI Tools, Message Buses and other Infrastructure
  • New Ideas / Applications: Big Ideas for Hadoop
  • Hosted Solutions: Hadoop and the Cloud

We’ll close the RFP on July 31st and announce the schedule soon thereafter.

More details including discounted / early registration and sponsorship info available at: