Announcing Cloudera Certification for Apache Hadoop

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As Apache Hadoop continues to turn heads at startups and big enterprises alike, Cloudera has received several requests to offer certification in addition to our popular training programs.

Certification is a critical component of any software ecosystem, and especially so for open source projects with quickly expanding user bases. Certification allows developers to ensure their skills are up to date, and allows employers and customers to confidently identify individuals that are up for the challenge of solving problems with Hadoop.

To that end, we are happy to announce Cloudera Certification for Hadoop.

Starting next month, participants looking to document their experience from our Hadoop Training programs can register for our Cloudera Certified Hadoop Professional (CCHP) exam. You’ll receive a paper certificate, but more importantly, we’ll record your test date so we can verify your certification to third parties like employers and potential clients.

Our first scheduled certification exam is on June 23rd in Washington DC. Register here.