Hive and JobTracker Needed Logos…

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In the process of working on a few things here I wanted to add some links to launch Apache Hive and the Hadoop Jobtracker. At first I considered just adding the links but I found myself wanting a button of some sort; an icon for them. I didn’t want to just use the (awesomely cute) Apache Hadoop logo elephant because these things are related to and part of Hadoop, but they aren’t Hadoop itself… What to do?

Well, I grabbed Illustrator and spent a bit of time putting together these icons. What do you think? We’ve opened up a ticket with the Hadoop project to contribute these to the project.



3 responses on “Hive and JobTracker Needed Logos…

  1. nutron Post author

    Yeah, I think the smaller versions don’t need the yellow outline; it starts to compete with readability. Good feedback. Thanks.