Welcome to Cloudera’s Hadoop blog!

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We’ve created this blog as a place to post tips, tricks and insights on using Hadoop and related projects for the next generation of data storage and analysis. Of course, we’re also active on the Hadoop mailing lists and other public forums, but we wanted a place where we could capture some of the lessons we learn as we work with the community and our customers.

Except for this inaugural post, everything here is intended to be long on signal and short on noise. We promise: No marketing fluff, no sales pitches — just useful technical information aimed at people trying to solve hard data problems.

With that, I’ll get out of the way.

— Mike Olson, CEO, Cloudera


One response on “Welcome to Cloudera’s Hadoop blog!

  1. Ronen Itkin


    Does someone knows if Cloudera intends to release
    a SCM Express for ubuntu platforms?
    if so, than when? is there any road-map regarding
    ubuntu and SCM Express?

    What platforms do most of the people use?
    What is the recommendation?